Table of contents

  1. Chemistry

    1. Bernhard Blümich
      Pages 927-958
    2. Sean T. Holmes, Robbie J. Iuliucci
      Pages 959-993
    3. Mike P. Williamson
      Pages 995-1012
    4. Patrick M. J. Szell, David L. Bryce
      Pages 1031-1047
    5. Anmin Zheng, Shenhui Li, Feng Deng
      Pages 1049-1071
    6. Nicholas R. Jaegers, Mary Y. Hu, David W. Hoyt, Yong Wang, Jian Zhi Hu
      Pages 1073-1091
    7. Olga B. Lapina, Aleksandr A. Shubin, Victor V. Terskikh
      Pages 1125-1160
    8. Trivikram R. Molugu, Xiaolin Xu, Soohyun Lee, K. J. Mallikarjunaiah, Michael F. Brown
      Pages 1225-1250
    9. Suchithranga M. D. C. Perera, Xiaolin Xu, Trivikram R. Molugu, Andrey V. Struts, Michael F. Brown
      Pages 1251-1270
    10. Walter Becker, Nina Gubensäk, Klaus Zangger
      Pages 1271-1288
  2. Food Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1289-1289
    2. Adriana Carvalho de Souza
      Pages 1291-1308
    3. Gérald S. Remaud, Patrick Giraudeau, Philippe Lesot, Serge Akoka
      Pages 1353-1378
    4. Richard J. Robins, Gérald S. Remaud, Isabelle Billault, Philippe Lesot
      Pages 1379-1404
    5. Gisela Guthausen
      Pages 1417-1429
    6. Geertrui M. Bosmans, Jan A. Delcour
      Pages 1431-1448
    7. Hanne Christine Bertram
      Pages 1449-1462
    8. Luiz Alberto Colnago, Tiago Bueno Moraes, Tatiana Monaretto
      Pages 1463-1482
    9. Corinne Rondeau-Mouro
      Pages 1483-1502
    10. P. Mazzei, A. Piccolo, M. Valentini
      Pages 1503-1518
    11. Marina Gromova, Armel Guillermo, Pierre-Alain Bayle, Michel Bardet
      Pages 1519-1534
    12. François Mariette
      Pages 1535-1557
    13. G. Collewet, T. Lucas
      Pages 1559-1587
    14. Daan W. de Kort, Tatiana Nikolaeva, Joshua A. Dijksman
      Pages 1589-1608
    15. Sylvie Clerjon, Jean-Marie Bonny
      Pages 1609-1628
    16. Jean-Marie Bonny, C. Sinding, T. Thomas-Danguin
      Pages 1629-1647
    17. Parvaneh Ebrahimi, Nanna Viereck, Rasmus Bro, Søren B. Engelsen
      Pages 1649-1668
    18. Søren B. Engelsen, Frans W. J. van den Berg
      Pages 1669-1686
    19. L. R. Cagliani, P. Scano, R. Consonni
      Pages 1709-1727
    20. Mogens L. Andersen, Leif H. Skibsted
      Pages 1781-1794
    21. Marcio Fernando Cobo, Eleonore J. Deublein, Agnes Haber, Rance Kwamen, Manoj Nimbalkar, Frank Decker
      Pages 1819-1836
  3. Marine Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1851-1851
    2. Inger B. Standal, Ana K. Carvajal, Revilija Mozuraityte, Ivar Storrø, Trond Størseth, Elham Abbasi et al.
      Pages 1853-1866
    3. Elena Shumilina, Rasa Slizyte, Revilia Mozuraityte, Alexander Dikiy
      Pages 1867-1881
    4. Mercedes Careche, Isabel Sánchez-Alonso, Iciar Martinez
      Pages 1901-1916

About this book


This completely revised and updated second edition showcases the considerable progress that has taken place in this field since 2008. The three part reference work contains key developments, scores of contributions, key literature citations and overviews of the important progress achieved in the relevant topics since the publication of the previous edition.

Two key differences in this new edition are the replacement of the previous Medical Sciences section with the Biological and Pharmaceutical Science sections and the inclusion of a new part featuring Archaeological applications. Divided into seven comprehensive parts, the work covers: Archaeology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Food Science, Marine Science, Materials Science, and Pharmaceutical Science. Section editors from Asia, USA, and Europe have recruited a truly international list of active and eminent contributors who have created a remarkable and unique work. 

Topics include: Electron Spin Resonance, High resolution solid and liquid state NMR; Low resolution NMR; Solution State NMR; Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The level of scientific coverage of the chosen topics renders the handbook suitable for research workers in the relevant fields as well as final year undergraduate students. 


Magnetic Resonance Handbook Marine Science imaging Materials Science imaging Medical imaging MRI Solution State NMR NMR Food Science NMR Pharmaceuticals Thermal Imaging archaeology MRI scan magnetic resonance imaging ESR spin labelling microscopy imaging Archaeology imaging Hyper spectral Imaging

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  • Graham A. Webb
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  1. 1.Royal Society of ChemistryLondonUnited Kingdom

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