Oxygen Transport to Tissue XVII

  • C. Ince
  • J. Kesecioglu
  • L. Telci
  • K. Akpir

Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 388)

Table of contents

  1. Organ System in Disease

    1. A. J. van der Kleij, R. Kooijman, J. B. A. Kipp, H. Obertop
      Pages 385-390
    2. Y. Yamada, H. Ishiguro, M. Yamashita, T. Tanaka, M. Takeuchi, H. Kawamura
      Pages 391-397
    3. Anna Pastuszko, Dekun Song, Marta Olano, Chau-Ching Huang, David F. Wilson
      Pages 415-421
    4. Maureen S. Thorniley, Nick Lane, Sandra Simpkin, Barry Fuller, Mandana Z. Jenabzadeh, Colin J. Green
      Pages 431-444
    5. Karel Rakusan, Nicholas Cicutti, Tomas Sladek
      Pages 457-461
    6. K. L. So, B. Lachmann
      Pages 463-471
    7. K. Yamaguchi, T. Takasugi, M. Mori, H. Fujita, Y. Oyamada, K. Suzuki et al.
      Pages 473-481
    8. A. S. Tütüncü, F. A. Genç, A. Telci, L. Telci
      Pages 483-488
    9. L. Weissfloch, T. Auberger, H. J. Feldmann, R. Senekowitsch, K. Tempel, M. Molls
      Pages 495-504
    10. Haldun Tekinalp, Semih Barlas, Emin Tireli, Hasibe Çavuşodlu, Cemil Barlas
      Pages 505-508
    11. Haldun Tekinalp, Semih Barlas, Ufuk Alpagut, Rasim Sarioğlu, Cemil Barlas
      Pages 509-511
  2. Restoration of Oxygen in Disease

    1. F. Esen
      Pages 513-519
    2. Figen Esen, Lütfi Telci, Nahit Çakar, Ahmet Tütüncü, Jozef Kesecioğlu, Kutay Akpir
      Pages 521-531
    3. J. Kesecioğlu
      Pages 533-538
    4. M. Tuğrul, Ĝ. Köprülü, H. Karpat, K. Pembeci
      Pages 545-549
    5. J. A. M. Avontuur, H. A. Bruining, C. Ince
      Pages 551-567
    6. A. S. Tütüncü, N. Çakar, Ĝ. Köprülü, F. Esen, L. Telci
      Pages 569-574
    7. S. Tütüncü, N. Çakar, F. Esen, J. Kesecioğlu, L. Telci, K. Akpir
      Pages 575-577
    8. A. S. Tütüncü, N. Çakar, F. Esen, J. Kesecioğlu, L. Telci
      Pages 579-583
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      Pages 585-597
    10. J. C. Pompe, J. Kesecioğlu, H. A. Bruining, C. Ince
      Pages 599-602
    11. Peter E. Keipert, N. Simon Faithfull, Duane J. Roth, JoAnn D. Bradley, Sanjay Batra, Philip Jochelson et al.
      Pages 603-609
    12. P. J. Anderson, J. P. Vaccani, G. P. Biro
      Pages 611-615
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      Pages 625-628
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      Pages 647-653
  3. Back Matter
    Pages 655-661

About this book


nd The 22 meeting of the International Society on Oxygen Transport to Tissue (LS. O. T. T. ) of which this volume is the scientific proceedings, was held in Istanbul, Turkey on August 22-26, 1994. It was a historical occasion in that it was almost 200 years to the day that one of the founding fathers of oxygen research, Antoine Lavoisier, on May 8, 1794 found his early demise at the hands of the guillotine. This spirit of history set the tone of the conference and in the opening lecture the contribution that this part of the world has given to the understanding of oxygen transport to tissue was highlighted. In particular, the contribution of Galen of Pergamon (129-200) was discussed who for the first time demon­ strated that blood flowed through the arteries and whose view on the physiology of the circulation dominated the ancient world for well over a millennium. A forgotten chapter in the history of the circulation of the blood is the contribution made by Ibn al Nafis of Damascus (1210-1280) who for the first time described the importance of the pulmonary circulation by stating that all venous blood entering the right ventricle ofthe heart passes to the left ventricle, not through pores in the septum of the heart as had been postulated by Galen, but through the circulation of the lungs.


ATP endothelium erythrocyte imaging infrared spectroscopy mechanics metabolism physiology skeletal muscle spectroscopy surgery temperature tissue

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  • J. Kesecioglu
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  • L. Telci
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  • K. Akpir
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  2. 2.University of IstanbulIstanbulTurkey

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