Discrepency Between Evidence and Theory of Myoglobin S02 in Work

  • John W. Severinghaus
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 388)


Gayeski, Federspiel and Honig [11] showed that myoglobin Po2 during maximum electrically stimulated exercise in dog gracilis muscle fell as low as 1 torr, but usually was limited to 3–5 torr, and was remarkably uniform, suggesting that much of the diffusion gradient for 02 was between red cells and myocytes. Myoglobin is 50% saturated at about 4 torr, pH = 7, and has no Bohr effect. Its dissociation curve is a single exponential. In recent experiments Richardson et al. [2], using 1H MRS quantification of the quadriceps myoglobin.signal with one leg exercise in human volunteers, indicated that SMb02 fell with mild exercise (25% Vo2max) to about 50%, but remained at that level at four higher work levels (approaching Vo2max).


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