Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STATs)

Activation and Biology

  • Pravin B. Sehgal
  • David E. Levy
  • Toshio Hirano

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. Introduction: A Brief History of the STATs and a Glance at the Future

  3. STAT Proteins and Their Regulators

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 9-9
    2. Markus H. Heim
      Pages 11-26
    3. Pipsa Saharinen, Olli Silvennoinen
      Pages 27-42
    4. Peter C. Heinrich, Iris Behrmann, Serge Haan, Heike M. Hermanns, Gerhard Müller-Newen, Fred Schaper
      Pages 43-53
    5. Robyn Starr, Douglas J. Hilton
      Pages 55-73
    6. Bin Liu, Ke Shuai
      Pages 75-85
    7. Erika A. Bach, Norbert Perrimon
      Pages 87-104
    8. Jeffrey G. Williams
      Pages 105-121
    9. Andrew C. Oates, Leonard I. Zon
      Pages 123-134
  4. Mechanisms of Activation of and Transcriptional Regulation by STAT Proteins

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 135-135
    2. Christian Schindler, Li Song
      Pages 137-154
    3. Jason H. Kurzer, Christin Carter-Su
      Pages 177-190
    4. José Miguel Rodríguez-Frade, Mario Mellado, Carlos Martínez-A.
      Pages 191-206
    5. Thomas Decker, Mathias Müller, Pavel Kovarik
      Pages 207-222
    6. Corinne M. Silva, Julie L. Boerner, Sarah J. Parsons
      Pages 223-236
    7. Pravin B. Sehgal, Mehul Shah
      Pages 247-267
    8. Kevin M. McBride, Nancy C. Reich
      Pages 269-283
    9. Duane R. Wesemann, Gerald M. Fuller
      Pages 285-298
    10. Eugene S. Kandel, George R. Stark
      Pages 299-309
    11. Christoph W. Müller, Montserrat Soler-Lopez, Christina Gewinner, Bernd Groner
      Pages 311-325
    12. David E. Levy
      Pages 327-341
    13. Moitreyee Chatterjee-Kishore, Jinbo Yang, George R. Stark
      Pages 343-351
  5. Biological Impact of STAT Activation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 353-353
    2. Ana P. Costa-Pereira, Birgit Strobl, Björn F. Lillemeier, Hayaatun Is’harc, Ian M. Kerr
      Pages 355-365
    3. Christina M. Ulane, Curt M. Horvath
      Pages 367-379
    4. Christine A. Biron, Rachelle Salomon, Joan E. Durbin
      Pages 381-397
    5. Ravindra Uppaluri, Gavin P. Dunn, Lloyd J. Old, Robert D. Schreiber
      Pages 399-418
    6. Theresa L. Murphy, Kenneth M. Murphy
      Pages 419-434
    7. Heinz Baumann
      Pages 465-491
    8. Valeria Poli, Tonino Alonzi
      Pages 493-512
    9. Kiyoshi Takeda, Shizuo Akira
      Pages 513-523
    10. Peter E. Lobie, David J. Waxman
      Pages 525-544
    11. Akihiko Yoshimura, Ichiko Kinjyo, Kyoko Inagaki-Ohara, Toshikatsu Hanada
      Pages 545-558
    12. Stefan N. Constantinescu, Virginie Moucadel
      Pages 575-593
    13. Susumu Yamashita, Toshio Hirano
      Pages 595-607
    14. Melissa A. Henriksen, Aurel Betz
      Pages 609-621
    15. Fabio Candotti, Luigi Notarangelo, James A. Johnston, Daniel McVicar, John J. O’Shea
      Pages 623-636
    16. Tobias Dechow, Jacqueline Bromberg
      Pages 637-644
    17. Ralf Buettner, Marcin Kortylewski, Drew Pardoll, Hua Yu, Richard Jove
      Pages 645-661
    18. Azad Bonni
      Pages 663-685
    19. Hisao Hirota, Hideo Yasukawa, Kenneth R. Chien
      Pages 687-695
    20. Marisa Dolled-Filhart, David L. Rimm
      Pages 697-720
    21. H. Martin Seidel, Jonathan Rosen
      Pages 721-742
  6. Erratum

    1. Pravin B. Sehgal, David E. Levy, Toshio Hirano
      Pages 747-747

About this book


The year 2003 marks the tenth anniversary of the first use of the acronym "Stat" (also written "STAT") in the scientific literature for a family of transcription factors which rapidly transduce cytokine-and growth factor­ elicited signals from the plasma membrane to the cell nucleus thereby activating gene transcription (thus, . s. ignal Transducers and Activators of Transcription). From those beginnings, the field of STAT transcription factors, their related regulatory molecules and their biology has grown exponentially in many different directions. In recognition of the rapid growth and broad scope of the STAT transcription factor field today, and to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the use of this term in the scientific literature, Kluwer Academic Publishers B. V. requested us to compile a volume on STAT transcription factors that could serve as an overview of this burgeoning area. Thus, we wanted a volume that would serve as a reference for what is known about STAT proteins and their biology, would describe the current state of ongoing research in this broad area, and would look toward the future to try to predict the discoveries that lie ahead. Our charge was to seek out the very best experts in the field and to coax them to briefly summarize their areas of expertise.


Activation Translation Viruses Vivo biological functions conservation gene expression gene transcription genetics proteins regulation transcription

Editors and affiliations

  • Pravin B. Sehgal
    • 1
  • David E. Levy
    • 1
  • Toshio Hirano
    • 2
  1. 1.New York University School of MedicineUSA
  2. 2.Osaka UniversityJapan

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