Control of Breathing and Its Modeling Perspective

  • Yoshiyuki Honda
  • Yoshimi Miyamoto
  • Kimio Konno
  • John G. Widdicombe

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xii
  2. Modelling Pioneer: Fred S. Grodins (1915–1989)

    1. Stanley M. Yamashiro
      Pages 1-6
  3. Respiratory Rhythm Genesis

  4. Reflex Control

    1. Giuseppe Sant’Ambrogio
      Pages 65-70
    2. P. Scheid, H. Shams, W. Karla, J. A. Orr
      Pages 71-74
    3. Lei Liu, Gang Song, Heng Zhang, Jian-xin Gao, Wei-yang Lu, Min Zhang
      Pages 75-78
    4. Franca B. Sant’Ambrogio, James W. Anderson, Giuseppe Sant’Ambrogio
      Pages 87-90
  5. Peripheral Chemosensitivity

    1. I. D. Clement, D. A. Bascom, K. L. Dorrington, R. Painter, J. J. Pandit, P. A. Robbins
      Pages 115-118
    2. Machiko Shirahata, Tohru Ide, Robert S. Fitzgerald
      Pages 127-130
  6. Central Chemosensitivity

    1. Neil S. Cherniack, Jyoti Mitra, Nanduri R. Prabhakar
      Pages 131-136
    2. Eugene N. Bruce, Mohammad Modarreszadeh, Kenneth Kump
      Pages 137-142
  7. Integrative and Behavioral Control

    1. Kevin Murphy, David Maskill, Anne Mier, Abraham Guz
      Pages 163-166
    2. Yasushi Akiyama, Masaharu Nishimura, Shuichi Kobayashi, Makoto Yamamoto, Kenji Miyamoto, Yoshikazu Kawakami
      Pages 167-170
    3. George D. Swanson
      Pages 171-177
    4. Tatsuya Chonan, Wataru Hida, Shinichi Okabe, Yeontae Chung, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Tamotsu Takishima
      Pages 183-186
  8. Role of Neurochemicals and Hormones

    1. Frederic L. Eldridge
      Pages 187-196
    2. Anthony T. Scardella, Teodoro V. Santiago, Norman H. Edelman
      Pages 197-204
    3. Koichiro Tatsumi, Bernard Hannhart, Cheryl K. Pickett, John V. Weil, Lorna G. Moore
      Pages 221-224
    4. Masaharu Nishimura, Aya Kakinoki, Shuichi Kobayashi, Makoto Yamamoto, Yasushi Akiyama, Kenji Miyamoto et al.
      Pages 225-228
  9. Mechanisms of Exercise Hyperpnea

    1. Poul-Erik Paulev, Yoshimi Miyamoto, Michael John Mussell, Kyuichi Niizeki
      Pages 267-270
    2. S. M. Yamashiro, P. K. Yamashiro, R. W. Glenny, H. T. Robertson
      Pages 271-274
    3. Koji Ishida, Yoshifumi Yasuda, Miharu Miyamura
      Pages 275-278
    4. Michael Mussell, Kyuichi Niizeki, Yoshimi Miyamoto
      Pages 279-282
    5. Takayoshi Yoshida, Masahiko Ichioka, Mamoru Chida, Kouichi Makiguchi, Naoko Tojo, Ryuji Suga et al.
      Pages 283-286

About this book


The fifth Oxford Conference was held on September 17th-19th, 1991, at the Fuji Institute of Training in Japan -the first time that the meeting has taken place in the Asian area. The facts that only a relatively few Japanese had attended previous Oxford Conferences and that Japan is far from other regions with possible participants made the organizers anticipate a small attendance at the meeting. However, contrary to our expectations, 198 active members (72 foreign and 126 domestic participants) submitted 146 papers from 15 countries. This was far beyond our preliminary estimate and could have caused problems in providing accommodation for the participants and in programming their scientific presentations. These difficulties, however, were successfully overcome by using nearby hotels, by telecasting presentations into a second lecture room and by displaying a substantial number of poster presentations during the whole period of the meeting. The meeting had two types of sessions: regular and current topics. The first paper in each session represented a shon overview or introduction so as to make it easier for the audience to comprehend the problems at issue. Because of the large number of papers submitted, carefully selected speakers (mostly well-known scholars) made excellent presentations that were followed by lively discussions. In this way, the conference laid a foundation on which to base its continued scientific success.


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  • Yoshiyuki Honda
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  • Yoshimi Miyamoto
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  • Kimio Konno
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  • John G. Widdicombe
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  2. 2.Yamagata UniversityYonezawaJapan
  3. 3.Tokyo Women’s Medical CollegeTokyoJapan
  4. 4.St. George’s Hospital Medical SchoolLondonUK

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