Biofilm Infections

  • Thomas Bjarnsholt
  • Peter Østrup Jensen
  • Claus Moser
  • Niels Høiby

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Thomas Bjarnsholt
    Pages 1-9
  3. Klaus Kirketerp-Møller, Karen Zulkowski, Garth James
    Pages 11-24
  4. Robert J. Palmer Jr, Richard Darveau, Richard J. Lamont, Bente Nyvad, Ricardo P. Teles
    Pages 35-68
  5. Werner Zimmerli, Andrej Trampuz
    Pages 69-90
  6. Trine Rolighed Thomsen, Luanne Hall-Stoodley, Claus Moser, Paul Stoodley
    Pages 91-109
  7. Graeme A. O’May, Rebecca A. Brady, Ranjani Prabhakara, Jeff G. Leid, Jason H. Calhoun, Mark E. Shirtliff
    Pages 111-137
  8. Jeff G. Leid, Emily K. Cope, Stacy Parmenter, Mark E. Shirtliff, Scot Dowd, Randall Wolcott et al.
    Pages 139-160
  9. Lone Rasmussen, Leif Percival Andersen
    Pages 161-166
  10. Niels Høiby, Helle Krogh Johansen, Claus Moser, Oana Ciofu, Peter Østrup Jensen, Mette Kolpen et al.
    Pages 167-184
  11. Peter Østrup Jensen, Claus Moser
    Pages 185-200
  12. Claus Moser, Peter Østrup Jensen
    Pages 201-214
  13. Oana Ciofu, Tim Tolker-Nielsen
    Pages 215-229
  14. Morten Alhede, Tim Holm Jakobsen, Michael Givskov
    Pages 231-249
  15. S. Brook Peterson, Yasuhiko Irie, Bradley R. Borlee, Keiji Murakami, Joe J. Harrison, Kelly M. Colvin et al.
    Pages 251-266
  16. Kendra P. Rumbaugh, Nancy L. Carty
    Pages 267-290
  17. Thomas Bjarnsholt, Peter Østrup Jensen, Claus Moser, Niels Høiby
    Pages 291-294
  18. Back Matter
    Pages 295-314

About this book


There has been an increasing interest and emphasis on the sessile bacterial lifestyle biofilms since it was discovered that the vast majority of the total microbial biomass exists as biofilms. Leeuwenhoek first described the aggregation of bacteria in 1677, but it was only recently recognized as being important in chronic infection. In 1993, the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) recognized that the biofilm mode of growth was relevant to microbiology. This book covers both the evidence for biofilms in many chronic bacterial infections as well as the problems facing these infections such as diagnostics, pathogenesis, treatment regimes, and in vitro and in vivo models for studying biofilms. This is the first scientific book on biofilm infections, with chapters written by world- renowned scientists and clinicians. The intended audience of this book includes scientists, teachers at the university level, as well as clinicians. 

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  • Thomas Bjarnsholt
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  • Peter Østrup Jensen
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  • Claus Moser
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  • Niels Høiby
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  2. 2.Afsnit 9301, Department Clinical MicrobiologyH:S RigshospitaletCopenhagen ØDenmark
  3. 3.Afsnit 9301, Department for Clinical MicrobiologyH:S RigshospitaletCopenhagen ØDenmark
  4. 4.Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of International Health, ImmuUniversity of CopenhagenCopenhagen ØDenmark

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