DIANA Computational Mechanics ‘94

Proceedings of the First International Diana Conference on Computational Mechanics

  • Ger M. A. Kusters
  • Max A. N. Hendriks
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-x
  2. Invited Papers

    1. R. De Borst, J. Carmeliet, J. Pamin, L. J. Sluys
      Pages 1-12
    2. D. H. van Campen, A. de Kraker, E. L. B. van de Vorst, J. A. W. van der Spek
      Pages 13-24
    3. P. A. Wawrzynek, B. J. Carter, A. R. Ingraffea, D. O. Potyondy
      Pages 69-84
  3. Material Modeling

    1. O. M. G. C. op den Camp, J. G. A. van Houten, C. W. J. Oomens, F. E. Veldpaus, J. D. Janssen, J. J. Kok
      Pages 85-92
    2. Suzanne J. M. van Eekelen, Peter van den Berg
      Pages 103-116
    3. T. Gartung
      Pages 117-126
    4. M. G. D. Geers, W. A. M. Brekelmans, R. de Borst
      Pages 127-138
    5. A. W. J. Gielen, P. H. M. Bovendeerd, J. D. Janssen
      Pages 139-148
    6. M. A. J. van Gils, L. J. M. G. Dortmans, G. De With, W. A. M. Brekelmans, J. H. P. De Vree
      Pages 149-158
    7. J. M. Huyghe, G. B. Houben, J. D. Janssen, J. Vankan, H. Snijders
      Pages 159-169
    8. M. Polanco-Loria, S. I. Sørensen
      Pages 171-180
    9. J. C. J. Schellekens, H. Parisch
      Pages 181-192
  4. Finite Element Technology

    1. W. M. Beltman, P. J. M. van der Hoogt, R. M. E. J. Spiering, H. Tijdeman
      Pages 215-224
    2. M. A. Gutiérrez, J. Carmeliet, R. De Borst
      Pages 255-263
    3. F. P. Grooteman, J. Locht, P. J. M. van der Hoogt, R. M. E. J. Spiering, H. Tijdeman
      Pages 265-275
    4. T. Kvamsdal, K. M. Mathisen
      Pages 277-286
    5. G. M. A. Schreppers, C. M. Menken
      Pages 287-296
  5. Solution Procedures

  6. Engineering Computations

    1. A. de Boer, N. Kaptijn, N. M. Naaktgeboren
      Pages 321-328
    2. T. Dyngeland, K. V. Hoiseth, E. Opheim
      Pages 329-338
    3. Peter H. Feenstra, Rene De Borst, Jan G. Rots
      Pages 349-358
    4. P. B. Lourenço, J. G. Rots, J. Blaauwendraad
      Pages 359-369
    5. Wouter Van Schelt, Erik Vos
      Pages 371-381
    6. P. Siwiec, A. T. Moczko, P. Stroeven
      Pages 383-394
    7. M. Veljković
      Pages 395-404
  7. Back Matter
    Pages 405-405

About these proceedings


Advances in computational mechanics can only be achieved on the basis of fruitful discussion between researchers and practising engineers. This has been achieved in the present publication, which contains all the papers presented at the first International DIANA Conference on Computational Mechanics. Nearly all papers show the results of calculations achieved with the DIANATM Finite Element System.
Broadly, the book follows the line of research from the material level, via the element level, to the structural level. But it should be emphasised that much current research passes from one level to the other, and such an interaction is also reflected here.
The following domains are treated:
  • (hyper)elasticity, (visco)plasticity and cracking;
  • (enriched) damaging continua models;
  • material experiments vs. computational models;
  • stochastic approaches;
  • fluid--structure interactions;
  • element technology;
  • geometrical nonlinearity and structural instability;
  • nonlinear dynamics;
  • solution procedures.


3D Rotation Simulation algorithm algorithms calculus design linearity mechanics model modeling plasticity stability verification

Editors and affiliations

  • Ger M. A. Kusters
    • 1
  • Max A. N. Hendriks
    • 2
  1. 1.TNO Building and Construction Research/DIANA FoundationDelftThe Netherlands
  2. 2.TNO Building and Construction ResearchDelftThe Netherlands

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