Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 6

  • Richard L. Doty
  • Dietland Müller-Schwarze

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xv
  2. Anatomy and Physiology of Chemosensory Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Susan K. McLaughlin, Peter J. McKinnon, Robert F. Margolskee
      Pages 9-14
    3. Joel Maruniak, Frank Corotto, Eric Walters
      Pages 21-26
    4. Helmut A. Oelschläger, Hynek Burda
      Pages 31-35
    5. E. S. Chukhray, M. N. Veselova, O. M. Poltorack, V. V. Voznessenskaya, E. P. Zinkevich, C. J. Wysocki
      Pages 43-47
    6. H. Kaba, C.-S. Li, E. B. Keverne, H. Saito, K. Seto
      Pages 49-54
    7. Shuichi Enomoto, Takayuki Shoji, Mutsuo Taniguchi, Kenzo Kurihara
      Pages 55-58
    8. Howard Eichenbaum, Tim Otto
      Pages 67-77
    9. Kenzo Kurihara, Takayuki Shoji, Shuichi Enomoto, Mutsuo Taniguchi, Takuya Hanada, Makoto Kashiwayanagi
      Pages 89-95
  3. Body Fluids and Scent Gland Chemistry and Histology

  4. Development of Chemosensory System Structure and Function

  5. Semiochemicals and the Major Histocompatibility Complex

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 165-165
    2. Rachael Pearse-Pratt, Heather Schellinck, Richard Brown, Bruce Roser
      Pages 167-173
    3. Kunio Yamazaki, Gary K. Beauchamp, Yoshihisa Imai, Judith Bard, Lewis Thomas, Edward A. Boyse
      Pages 189-196
    4. Roman Ferstl, Frank Eggert, Eckhard Westphal, Nicholaus Zavazava, Wolfgang Muller-Ruchholtz
      Pages 205-211
    5. Dagmar Luszyk, Frank Eggert, Lutz Uharek, Wolfgang Muller-Ruchholtz, Roman Ferst
      Pages 225-228
    6. C. Jo Manning, Wayne K. Potts, Edward K. Wakeland, Donald A. Dewsbury
      Pages 229-235
  6. Semiochemicals and Endocrine Processes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 243-243
    2. Vladimir E. Sokolov, Nina Yu. Vasilieva, Edvard P. Zinkevich
      Pages 259-262
    3. Fan Zhiqin, John G. Vandenbergh
      Pages 263-266
    4. V. E. Sokolov, V. V. Voznessenskaya, E. P. Zinkevich
      Pages 267-270
    5. A. Marchlewska-Koj, M. Kruczek, M. Zacharczuk-Kakietek
      Pages 271-276
    6. Rhonda R. Gardner, John J. Lepri, Robert E. Gatten Jr.
      Pages 277-280

About this book


This volume is an up-to-date treatise of chemosensory vertebrate research performed by over 200 scientists from 22 countries. Importantly, data from over 25 taxa of vertebrates are presented, including those from human beings. Unlike other volumes on this topic, a significant nurober of the contributions come from leading workers in the former Soviet Union and reflect studies within a wide variety of disciplines, including behavior, biochemistry, ecology, endocrinology, genetics, psychophysics, and morphol­ ogy. Most of the studies described in this volume were presented at the Chemical Signals in Vertbrates VI (CSV VI) symposium held at the University of Pennsylvania in the summer of 1991. This international symposium was the largest and the most recent of a series of six such symposia, the first of which was held in Saratoga Springe, New York (June 6-9, 1976) and the last in Oxford, England (August 8-10, 1988). Unlike the previous symposia, Chemical Signals in Vertabrates VI lasted a full week, reflecting the increased number of participants and the desire of many to present their research findings orally to the group as a whole.


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  2. 2.College of Environmental Science and ForestryState University of New YorkSyracuseUSA

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