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  11. Garo Partoyan
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  12. Michael Birkin
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  13. Keijiro Nakabe
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  14. John Murphy
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An increasing number of the world's companies have come to recognise that their brands are of enormous value and that failure to maintain and support these important assets can lead to the failure of the company itself. Many in the world of marketing have commented on the power of individual brands and the value that they have in contributing to the financial well-being of a company. Seldom however have the owners of the world's leading brands been invited to give their views. This book gives brand owners the opportunity to put forward their own views on the power and importance of brands. Contributions from senior executives at Coca-Cola, Guinness, Nestle, Grand Metropolitan, Mercedes, BSN, Benetton, Tesco, Maruha and Mars cover subjects such as the importance of brand power and how to create, manage and value brand power and important contributions from academics, management consultants and marketing experts are also included.


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