The Hypertrophied Heart

Biophysical, biochemical, and morphological aspects of hypertrophy. International Erwin Riesch Symposium,Tübingen, September 26–29, 1976

  • Ruthard Jacob
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  2. Ruthard Jacob
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  3. Peter Dancker
    Pages 26-31
  4. M. C. Schaub, J. G. Watterson, P. G. Waser
    Pages 32-40
  5. J. Suko, G. Hellmann, F. Winkler
    Pages 55-60
  6. B. Wüsten, W. Flameng, W. Schaper
    Pages 80-85

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Adaptation Biochemie Dilatation Herz Herzkrankheit Herzmuskel Skelettmuskel Stoffwechsel cardiac function

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