Fundamentals of Chromatin

  • Jerry L. Workman
  • Susan M. Abmayr

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Robert K. McGinty, Song Tan
    Pages 1-28
  3. Briana K. Dennehey, Jessica Tyler
    Pages 29-67
  4. Cedric R. Clapier, Bradley R. Cairns
    Pages 69-146
  5. Anne-Lise Steunou, Dorine Rossetto, Jacques Côté
    Pages 147-212
  6. Or Gozani, Yang Shi
    Pages 213-256
  7. Mizusaki Hirofumi, Hitoshi Aihara, Takashi Ito
    Pages 341-354
  8. Chun Ruan, Bing Li
    Pages 355-373
  9. Emmanuelle Szenker, Ekaterina Boyarchuk, Geneviève Almouzni
    Pages 375-426
  10. Michaela Smolle, Swaminathan Venkatesh
    Pages 427-489
  11. Prabodh Kapoor, Xuetong Shen
    Pages 491-527
  12. Lori L. Wallrath, Michael W. Vitalini, Sarah C. R. Elgin
    Pages 529-552
  13. Tamaki Suganuma
    Pages 553-571
  14. Back Matter
    Pages 573-587

About this book


Chromatin is the combination of DNA and proteins that make up the genetic material of chromosomes. It is essential for packaging DNA, regulation of gene expression, DNA replication and repair. The audience for this book includes newly established scientists, graduate students and scientists seeking detailed overviews of various aspects of chromatin structure and function to gain entry into this field. The chapters in this book give a strong, updated groundwork about the fundamentals of chromatin which are essential to understand epigenetics. Some the fundamentals that this book covers include the structure and biochemistry of chromatin and the enzyme complexes that manage it.


Chromatin Enzymes Genome Histone

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