Band Shaped Keratopathy

  • Elliot S. Crane
  • May Shum
  • David S. Chu
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Band-shaped keratopathy (BSK) describes a band of calcium salt precipitated across the Bowman layer of cornea. Calcium precipitation is thought to be favored by interpalpebral tear evaporation, systemic hypercalcemia, and elevated pH (e.g., with uveitis). BSK is associated with various conditions including uveitis, corneal edema, phthisis bulbi, end stage glaucoma, and systemic hypercalcemic states but is often idiopathic. Patients may complain of ocular irritation or blurry vision. Diagnosis is based on slit-lamp examination showing a central gray-white corneal plaque that sometimes spares the periphery. BSK may be treated with EDTA chelation with or without debridement when it causes visual disturbance, obstructs intraocular view required for examination or surgery, or is symptomatic. The underlying cause should be sought and treated first to prevent recurrence.


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