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  1. Piergiorgio Neri, Ilir Arapi, Vittorio Pirani, Michele Nicolai, Andrea Saitta, Cesare Mariotti et al.
  2. Alessandro Invernizzi
  3. Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran, Rupesh Agrawal
  4. Aniruddha Agarwal, Kanika Aggarwal, Aman Kumar, Vishali Gupta
  5. Muhammad Hassan, Mohammad Ali Sadiq, Aniruddha Agarwal, Bahram Bodaghi, Quan Dong Nguyen
  6. Kalpana Babu, Aditi Parikh, Vishali Gupta
  7. Karen R. Armbrust, Maggie M. Wei, Brett G. Jeffrey, H. Nida Sen
  8. Sophia L. Zagora, Alex P. Hunyor, Peter J. McCluskey
  9. Elliot S. Crane, May Shum, David S. Chu
  10. Ilknur Tugal-Tutkun
  11. Rohan Bir Singh, Aniruddha Agarwal, Rupesh Agrawal, Mandeep Sagoo, Kanika Aggarwal, Vishali Gupta
  12. Arash Maleki, Muhammad Sohail Halim, Quan Dong Nguyen
  13. Cherie A. Fathy, Gowtham Jonna, Anita Agarwal
  14. Aniruddha Agarwal, Carlos D. Rosé, Carine H. Wouters, Catherine Guly, Quan Dong Nguyen
  15. Maggie M. Wei, Karen R. Armbrust, Brett G. Jeffrey, H. Nida Sen
  16. Mohammad Ali Sadiq, Aniruddha Agarwal, Vishali Gupta, Mangat Ram Dogra, Amod Gupta, Quan Dong Nguyen
  17. André Luiz Land Curi
  18. Padmamalini Mahendradas
  19. Sarakshi Mahajan, Vishali Gupta
  20. Aman Sharma, Shankar Naidu, Manish Rathi, Ritambhra Nada
  21. Gowtham Jonna, Anita Agarwal
  22. Aniruddha Agarwal, Jagat Ram
  23. Buraa Kubaisi, Laura Kopplin, Aniruddha Agarwal, James T. Rosenbaum, C. Stephen Foster, Quan Dong Nguyen
  24. Philippe Kestelyn
  25. Reema Bansal, Vishali Gupta, Amod Gupta
  26. Aliza Jap, Soon-Phaik Chee
  27. Aliza Jap, Ranjana Mathur, Soon-Phaik Chee
  28. Aniruddha Agarwal, Ilaria Testi, Ankur Singh, Vishali Gupta
  29. Sofia Androudi, Anna Dastiridou
  30. Rupesh Agrawal, Dinesh Visva Gunasekeran
  31. Shriji Patel, Anita Agarwal
  32. Parthopratim Dutta Majumder, Jyotirmay Biswas
  33. Tripti Chaudhary, Reema Bansal
  34. Aniruddha Agarwal, Madhuri Akella, Maria Cristina Savastano, Marco Rispoli, Bruno Lumbroso, Vishali Gupta
  35. Kanika Aggarwal, Aniruddha Agarwal, Vishali Gupta
  36. Koushik Tripathy, Aniruddha Agarwal, Vishali Gupta
  37. Alessandro Invernizzi
  38. Brian Madow, John H. Kempen
  39. Shriji Patel, Anita Agarwal
  40. Anne-Laure Rémond, Phuc Le Hoang, Bahram Bodaghi
  41. J. Fernando Arevalo, Marwan A. Abouammoh, André Luiz Land Curi
  42. Igor Kozak, Aniruddha Agarwal
  43. Reema Bansal
  44. Somasheila I. Murthy, Swapnali Sabhapandit

About this book


Uveitis comprises a group of intraocular diseases that poses a diagnostic challenge to the ophthalmologists of all subspecialties, including uveitis specialists. The morphological expression of the diseases may be characteristic at times, but it is challenging to detect and recognize subtle clinical clues that might indicate towards a particular etiology: infectious, non-infectious or masquerade. Ancillary investigations including fluorescein angiography, indocyanine green angiography, auto fluorescence imaging, ultrasound, ultrasound biomicroscopy, laser flaremeter and optical coherence tomography play a crucial role in reaching a specific diagnosis and require proper interpretation in context of each disease variety. In addition, the radiological imaging, systemic work-up and laboratory investigations aid in establishing the diagnosis. This is a first comprehensive atlas that compiles these varied findings in each type of uveitis. It describes all uveitic entities employing the aid of slit lamp and anterior segment photographs, fundus photographs, ancillary investigations where applicable and relevant laboratory and radiologic investigations. The case-based format sets out the context clearly to match the diagnostic findings with the treatment plan. Covered in 136 chapters and more than 1000 images, this atlas is an essential reference guide for all uveitis specialists and general ophthalmologists. Regular updates on new insights, techniques and treatments meet the point-of-need requirements of the busy readers looking for most current information.


HIV-related eye Intraocular tuberculosis Scleritis Intravitreal Masquerades

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