Arthropod-Plant Interactions

An international journal devoted to studies on interactions of insects, mites, and other arthropods with plants

ISSN: 1872-8855 (Print) 1872-8847 (Online)


Arthropod-Plant Interactions is dedicated to publishing high quality original papers and reviews with a broad fundamental or applied focus on ecological, biological, and evolutionary aspects of the interactions between insects and other arthropods with plants. Coverage extends to all aspects of such interactions including chemical, biochemical, genetic, and molecular analysis, as well reporting on multitrophic studies, ecophysiology, and mutualism.

Arthropod-Plant Interactions encourages the submission of forum papers that challenge prevailing hypotheses. The journal encourages a diversity of opinion by presenting both invited and unsolicited review papers.

The Editor-in-Chief is Heikki M.T. Hokkanen, University of Helsinki, Finland.

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