Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade

From Theory to Policy

ISSN: 1566-1679 (Print) 1573-7012 (Online)


The Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade investigates the microeconomic foundations of industrial strategy, innovation, competition and trade policy, concentrating on the functioning of goods and services markets. The journal addresses the large gap between theory and its application in economic policy, fostering dialogue between economists in academia and economists in national or international policy.

This journal encourages confronting theories with facts and using facts to build models. Moreover, it focuses on policy conclusions from applied theoretical research and sets forth policy questions to be investigated.

In addition to the Editorial Board, the journal has a Policy Board in which economists working in government, competition policy authorities, and international organizations (e.g., European Commission, OECD, WTO, Department of Justice, etc.) support the journal’s mission.

Officially cited as: J Ind Compet Trade

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