Scaffolding for Mediated Learning During ‘Whole-Class Exercises’ in Kenyan Secondary English Lessons

  • Dorine Lugendo
  • Heather Smith
Part of the International Perspectives on English Language Teaching book series (INPELT)


Research on classroom interaction for second-language learning situated within sociocultural theory emphasises the role of teacher–pupil talk as a source for expert mediation. While certain features of this talk have been identified, which create communicative spaces facilitative of cognitive development, this research often assumes the ready availability of particular culturally determined physical tools, technologies, artefacts, and class sizes more often found in Western contexts such as North America, Canada, Western Europe, and Australia. Research into second-language learning undertaken within a sociocultural theory of mind is very rarely conducted in classrooms which are untypical of Western contexts.


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  • Dorine Lugendo
  • Heather Smith

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