A New Era

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During the last week of February 1980, Peterhouse boys were entertained by the sight of a British ‘bobby’ standing outside the cricket pavilion during the first universal free elections in the country. Their parents were probably not so entertained by the news of the results: ZANU had won 57 of the 80 parliamentary seats, and on 5 March Robert Mugabe agreed to form a coalition government. Julius Nyerere of Tanzania was reported to have said to him: ‘You have inherited a jewel in Africa; don’t tarnish it. ‘300 Contrary to the expectations of the white population – fed on a propaganda diet of Mugabe as a Marxist ideologue during the previous decade – the Prime Minister elect set out to portray the new regime as inclusive, non-racial, and welcoming of the skills and support which the whites could bring to Zimbabwe.


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