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Periostin and Human Teeth

  • Teresa Cobo
  • Juan L. Cobo
  • Juan C. Pérez-Varela
  • José A. Vega
  • Juan Cobo
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 1132)


Periostin is a secreted matricellular protein that primarily interacts with type I collagen and fibronectin extracellular matrix proteins, and is widely distributed in tissues rich in collagen-rich connective tissues, including the periodontal ligament. Its expression in these tissues is especially regulated by mechanical load. While the expression and regulation of periostin in the teeth of murine models and cell lines is well known, its presence in human teeth is poorly documented. Here we update and summarize the available data on the distribution of periostin in the human periodontal ligament, gingiva and dental pulp.


Periostin Periodontal ligament Gingiva Dental pulp Subodontoblastic layer Orthodontic movements Human 


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