In Vitro Cellular Models of Parathyroid Cells

  • Ana Rita GomezEmail author
  • Sergio Fabbri
  • Maria Luisa Brandi


In vitro parathyroid cell models are essential tools for studying parathyroid gland physiology and pathology. However, the development of such models has proved to be challenging. The natural characteristics of parathyroid glands, namely, their reduced proliferation and the presence of connective tissue, make the development of functional in vitro parathyroid cell models complex. Bovine parathyroid cells and human parathyroid cells derived from parathyroid adenomas and hyperplastic parathyroid glands from patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism due to CKD constitute the main origins of in vitro parathyroid cell models. Primary parathyroid cell cultures, long-term primary parathyroid cell lines, and continuous parathyroid cell lines constitute the in vitro parathyroid cell systems discussed here. Three-dimensional parathyroid cell models and parathyroid-like cells derived from stem cells will also be focused on here.


Parathyroid Bovine Human Primary culture Primary cell line Continuous cell line 


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