Modeling Saturation in Industrial Growth

  • Arnab K. Ray
Conference paper
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Long-time saturation in industrial growth has been modeled by a logistic equation of arbitrary degree of nonlinearity. Equipartition between nonlinearity and exponential growth in the integral solution of this logistic equation gives a nonlinear time scale for the onset of saturation. Predictions can be made about the limiting values of the annual revenue and the human resource content that an industrial organization may attain. These variables have also been modeled to set up an autonomous first-order dynamical system, whose equilibrium condition forms a stable node (an attractor state) in a related phase portrait. The theoretical model has received strong support from all relevant data pertaining to the well-known global company, IBM


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  1. 1.Homi Bhabha Centre for Science EducationTIFRMumbaiIndia

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