Ch’ien Tuan Sheng: A Patriotic Scholar

  • Baoxu Zhao
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Ch’ien Tuan Sheng, a world-renowned political scientist, was among the first few Chinese scholars to engage in the studying and teaching of modern political science. A diligent scholar all his life, he has left behind the most numerous works compared with his peers, with unparalleled academic attainments in the fields of comparative government, history of political institution, and science of constitution. In the study of political science, he was good at marrying theories with the Chinese context. His insightful books about democracy, human rights, centralization and decentralization of power, etc., though written decades ago, remain relevant even today [1]. In 1932, he teamed with Wang Shijie, Pu Xuefeng, Zhou Gengsheng, and others to prepare for the establishment of the China Society of Political Science and Law, which was not set up until after 1949. He served as vice chairman then and was voted honorary chairman in 1980 at the age of over 80, when the association was reestablished after a period of interruption. Age didn’t stop him from being committed to the development of political science in China. He continued to publish articles: “The Significance of Political Science” in 1981, “My Suggestions for China’s Political Science Development” in 1986, etc.


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