Cisplatin plus Radiotherapy in Bladder Cancer

  • Rolf Sauer
  • Jürgen Dunst
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Bladder cancers currently account for approximately 3% of all malignancies. The incidence of new cases per year is estimated to be about 10 000 in the Federal Republic of Germany and about 40 000 in the United States (Klimberg and Wajsman 1986; RRichie et al. 1985; Rotman and Aziz 1987). About 70%–80% of newly diagnosed bladder cancers are so-called superficial tumors (Ta, Tis, T1). Standard treatment for these tumors is conservative surgery in the form of transurethral resection (TUR) and/or intravesical chemotherapy. Radiation therapy is only indicated in a limited number of patients whose tumors cannot be controlled conservatively, e.g., unresectable T1 tumors. Patients with superficial tumors have a good prognosis as regards survival, although 70% of patients will develop recurrences or new bladder tumors with a 30% incidence of progression to higher T stage or poorer differentiation of the tumor. About 15% of patients with superficial tumors will ultimately progress to deeply infiltrating cancers.


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