Successful Treatment of Angioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy (AIL) and B Cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia (B-PLL) with Interferon-α

  • P. Trinkler
  • D. Mustroph
  • H. Hagenah
  • H. Mönch
  • H. W. v. Heyden
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Angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy (AIL), first described by Frizzera in 1974 [1], and B cell prolymphocytic leukemia (B-PLL), first described by Galton in 1963 [2], are two rare low-grade malignant non-Hodgkin lymphomas. An effective standard therapy does not exist for either disease. Chemotherapy is usually of no durable effect in both disorders. In B-PLL, splenectomy and leukaphersis can be useful [3, 4].


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  • P. Trinkler
  • D. Mustroph
  • H. Hagenah
  • H. Mönch
  • H. W. v. Heyden

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