Macro- and Microvascular Endothelial Cells from Human Tissues

  • V. W. M. van Hinsbergh
  • M. A. Scheffer
  • E. G. Langeler


Endothelial cells represent the inner lining of all blood vessels. Recent progress in understanding the metabolism of endothelial cells has revealed that they are involved in many (patho)physiological processes. These cells prevent coagulation of the blood and produce factors that are involved in the regulation of fibrinolysis. They metabolize and respond to vasoactive substances and play a role in the regulation of the vascular tone. The endothelium also actively regulates the influx of fluid, macromolecules, and various types of leukocytes into the vessel wall and other tissues. Furthermore, endothelial cells play a central role in neovascularization, a process that is important in reparative processes and that also plays a role in various pathological processes.


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