Dorsal Foot Flap

  • Ralph T. Manktelow


The skin on the dorsum of the foot is a reliable donor site for free tissue transfer. As the flap’s pedicle is the dorsalis pedis artery, the flap has been called the dorsalis pedis flap. This name is somewhat misleading as the vessels which supply this flap come mostly from the first dorsal metatarsal artery (FDMA). These cutaneous vessels are always adequate for survival of the flap. However, they are small and fragile and must be treated with care. We have used this flap as a free tissue transfer 41 times and many times as a pedicled transfer. In each case, there have been adequate cutaneous branches of the FDMA for perfusion of the flap. We have never discontinued a dorsal foot transfer because of inadequate vascularization of the flap.


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