Achieving Service Quality through the Application of Importance-Performance Analysis

  • Robert Govers
  • Frank M. Go
Part of the Focus Dienstleistungsmarketing book series (FDM)


A survey was conducted amongst different types of consumers to measure the marketing effectiveness of the Dutch domestic tourism organisation, The Stichting Toerisme en Recreatie AVN. Specifically the purpose of the present study is to investigate how the AVN might improve its ability to manage consumer expectations and determine which attributes the organisation should devote its attention and resources to, in order to improve, meet, or exceed consumer expectations. First, the importance of attributes is being determined through a management survey. Next, the performance is measured through multiple consumer surveys. Finally, the differences between importance and performance are analysed in an effort to identify the organisations strengths and weaknesses.


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  • Robert Govers
  • Frank M. Go

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