• Ana Paula Pinto Correia
  • Pedro Miguel Cândido Barquinha
  • João Carlos da Palma Goes
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The trends of technological market have been changing, giving special relevance to the interaction between consumer and product. Displays are probably the best demonstration of this trend, being deeply integrated in our daily life in televisions (TVs), smartphones, computers, etc. In 2014, iHS Inc. identified seven key technologies for the upcoming generations of TVs, where it is possible to highlight exciting concepts such as curved TVs, quantum dots, and transparent displays [1]. In fact, iHS forecasts a growth of transparent displays to US $87 billion in 2025, representing more than half of the global display market by then [2, 3]. In line with this research trend, some prototypes of fully transparent displays have already been shown by leading display companies such as Samsung, AUO, and LG, triggering the concepts of cars and buildings with smart windows or even wearable electronics using flexible substrates. More recently, Samsung announced the first mirror and transparent organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display panels mainly targeted at personalized shopping and informational browsing [4].


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