Biologic Response Modifiers (Interleukins and Interferons)

  • Gwendolyn Anne Fyfe
  • H. Clifford Lane


The first cases of AIDS were described in 1981 and the virus was initially isolated in 1983. Since that time, substantial progress has been made in the prophylaxis and treatment of the opportunistic infections associated with HIV-related immune deficiency and some progress has been made in controlling the persistent viral replication which characterizes HIV infection. Unfortunately, no antiretroviral drug or combination of drugs has yet resulted in complete and lasting suppression of HIV replication and damage and depletion of the immune system continues. Furthermore, the rapid development of antiretroviral resistance limits the utility of even current combination regimens. While the continued development of new antiretroviral agents without overlapping patterns of resistance provides some hope that the progression of HIV disease may be controlled ultimately by a multidrug approach, such as has been successful in tuberculosis, this remains a hypothesis.


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