Effects of Opioids

  • Doris H. Clouet


The introduction of narcotic analgesic drugs into animals including man at suitable dosage produces a myriad of pharmacological responses involving almost every tissue in the body: gut motility is decreased, respiratory rate and blood pressure are decreased, diuresis is slowed, impulse flow in sympathetic ganglia is decreased, ACTH release from the pituitary gland is decreased, etc. The central nervous system is the site at which most of these responses are initiated: (1) the vegetative effects on circulation and respiration are controlled in the medulla; (2) the pituitary responses are mediated by specific nuclei in the hypothalamus or by neurohormones in the pituitary itself; (3) pain responses are mediated via regulation of pain pathways in the brain and spinal cord; (4) target tissues of pituitary trophic hormones are regulated by these hormones; (5) behavioral responses are mediated by appropriate pathways in the central nervous system.


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