IL-7 Knockout Mice and the Generation of Lymphocytes

  • Ursula von Freeden-Jeffry
  • Thomas A. Moore
  • Albert Zlotnik
  • Richard Murray
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A common theme in the molecular interaction between cytokines and their receptors is that an individual cytokine binds a receptor complex. In general, this requires a cytokine-specific receptor subunit and a “common” receptor subunit. The common subunit is, by definition, shared among numerous cytokines. The result is a grouping of cytokines into families that all require a particular common subunit for high-affinity binding and signal transduction. This is well exemplified by the cytokine grouping of interleukin (IL)-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-9, and IL-15 (1–7). Each of these cytokines binds, at minimum, a cytokine-specific subunit as well as a common subunit, referred to in this chapter as the common gamma (γc) chain. Subsequent to the binding of a cytokine to its corresponding receptor complex, signal transduction events, including the Jak/STAT pathway, deliver a signal for a biological response of the cell. Since IL-7 has been extensively reviewed elsewhere (8,9), this chapter is not an exhaustive description of IL-7 from cloning to present, focusing instead on IL-7 related biology learned from the gene knockout model and how these observations integrate into other gene knockout studies of cytokines and receptors defined by the γc chain receptor. We summarize published work as well as refer to and provide brief descriptions of current experiments.


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