Endometrial Neoplasia: Hyperplasia and Carcinoma

  • Robert J. Kurman
  • Henry J. Norris


In this chapter, the term endometrial neoplasia is used in a broad sense to refer to proliferative lesions of the endometrium and is not limited to lesions with a capacity for autonomous growth. Endometrial neoplasia, therefore, describes a spectrum of proliferative disease that constitutes both a morphologic and biologic continuum beginning with mild hyperplasia and ending with poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. At either end of the spectrum the histologic diagnosis is relatively straightforward, but atypical hyperplasia, the nebulous carcinoma in situ (CIS), and low-grade adenocarcinoma comprise a group of borderline conditions that defy accurate histologic distinction into benign and malignant forms. Because the clinical profile, biochemical-endocrine features, response to exogenous hormones, and treatment of the various forms of this disease are closely related, the spectrum of lesions comprising endometrial neoplasia is considered together.


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