Pathology of the Female Genital Tract

  • Ancel Blaustein

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xix
  2. Jan Langman, Doris Burda Wilson
    Pages 1-12
  3. Eduard G. Friedrich, Edward J. Wilkinson
    Pages 13-58
  4. Ancel Blaustein, Alex Sedlis
    Pages 59-98
  5. Stanley J. Robboy, Robert H. Young, Arthur L. Herbst
    Pages 99-118
  6. Alex Ferenczy
    Pages 119-135
  7. Alex Ferenczy
    Pages 136-155
  8. Alex Ferenczy
    Pages 156-177
  9. J. F. Laycock
    Pages 223-234
  10. Rita Iovine Demopoulos
    Pages 235-278
  11. Robert J. Kurman
    Pages 279-310
  12. Robert J. Kurman, Henry J. Norris
    Pages 311-351
  13. Henry J. Norris, Charles J. Zaloudek
    Pages 352-392
  14. James E. Wheeler
    Pages 393-415
  15. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 416-441
  16. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 442-448
  17. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 449-463
  18. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 464-478
  19. Lawrence R. Shapiro
    Pages 479-510
  20. Bernard Czernobilsky
    Pages 511-560
  21. Robert E. Scully
    Pages 581-601
  22. A. Talerman
    Pages 602-664
  23. Ancel Blaustein
    Pages 705-715
  24. Jule Kovačič, Srečko Rainer, Ana Levičnik
    Pages 716-740
  25. Olle Kjellgren, Tord Angström
    Pages 741-751
  26. Bradley Bigelow
    Pages 752-759
  27. Bradley Bigelow
    Pages 785-790
  28. Bradley Bigelow
    Pages 791-803
  29. H. Fox, C. H. Buckley
    Pages 828-837
  30. Rita Leff Blaustein
    Pages 838-867
  31. Back Matter
    Pages 917-939

About this book


The response to the First Edition of this text confirmed our belief that there was a need for a book of this kind. The multi-authored approach has been retained, ensuring that authoritative, current information is incorporated into each chapter and that references are up-to-date. The section on diseases of the vagina has been enhanced by a greater emphasis on the clinical aspects. The chapter on DES induced lesions has been updated with the data of the DeSAD study and the section on adenocar­ cinoma of the cervix has been enlarged by the description of the undifferenti­ ated lesions including "glassy cell and signet cell" carcinoma. A departure from the traditional chapter approach has been made in the discussion of endometrial hyperplasia and carcinoma in order to present a conceptual view of these diseases. A similar presentation of diseases of the myometrium has been made. The subjects of lymphomas and mesenchymal tumors of the ovary have been enlarged upon and presented in a separate chapter. Fine needle aspiration in the diagnosis of ovarian tumors and of non­ malignant disorders of the ovary has become an increasingly useful technique. Two new chapters have been added to cover this subject. Many of the changes made in the second edition were in response to reviewers of the First Edition. It is hoped that their constructive suggestions have been addressed. Ancel Blaustein, M.D.


Frauenheilkunde biopsy carcinoma cell cytology embryo endometrium fertility histology hormones infertility lymphoma pathology sex tissue

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