Hapten — Sandwich Labeling of Cell-Surface Antigens

  • Leon Wofsy
  • Claudia Henry
  • Salvatore Cammisuli
Part of the Contemporary Topics in Molecular Immunology book series (CTI)


The indirect antibody technique for amplified detection of antigens (Coons, 1956) has a wide and expanding range of applications. In general, this well-established method employs second-layer antiimmunoglobulin, coupled to an appropriate detector, to label first-layer antibody specific for a particular antigen. The last few years have seen the introduction of hapten-sandwich labeling procedures (Lamm et al,1972; Wofsy et al.,1974; Cammisuli and Wofsy, 1976) that circumvent the requirement of the conventional sandwich technique for antibodies from one species directed against the immunoglobulins of another. Hapten-sandwich labeling uses instead detector-coupled antihapten antibodies to amplify first-layer antibodies to which the hapten has been covalently attached.


Hapten Group Biotin Hydrazide Avidin Molecule Conventional Sandwich Trinitrobenzene Sulfonate 
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Abbreviations used in this chapter







Con A

concanavalin A


methyl 3,5-dihydroxybenzimidate




fluorescence-activated cell sorter


Fc receptors




p-azophenyl ß-D galactoside


benzoyl-L-glutamic acid


methyl p-hydroxybenzimidate


keyhole limpet hemocyanin


p-azophenyl ß D lactoside




0.01 M phosphate buffer containing 8.5 mg/m1 NaCI


plaque-forming cells




sheep red blood cells


p-azobenzene sulfonate




2,4, 6-tinitrophenyl


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