Other Epitaxial Oxides on Semiconductors

  • Alexander A. Demkov
  • Agham B. Posadas


The success of integrating perovskites on Si(001) has also stimulated work on developing growth processes for other oxide materials, other crystallographic orientations, and even other semiconductor substrates. A review of the current work is summarized in this chapter, including efforts at growing the opposite stack of semiconductors on oxide surfaces. Work on the epitaxial integration of oxides on Si(111), Ge, GaAs, GaN, SiC is described. Oxides other than SrTiO3 that have been grown on Si(100) are also reviewed. It is hoped that this short history of the major advances in oxide/semiconductor epitaxy can provide insight into the various substrate preparation and film deposition tricks and techniques that enable such epitaxial systems to be made.


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