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The early 1990s was a heady time for interactive digital stories. Just a few years earlier, in 1987, Amanda Goodenough had used the newly- released HyperCard to write the first interactive digital story , Inigo Gets Out . Her motivation? To capture the traditional storytelling atmosphere her grandmother had created for her when she was a young child: a vital interactive environment in which her grandmother would say, “what do you think happens next?” and in which the lines were never the same. The stories her grandmother told became Amanda’s as she helped shape them with her own interpretations and brought them into her everyday reality. In Amanda’s interactive story , children make Inigo’s actions their own. “Children know intuitively where to click,” and how to make the story happen. It is no longer a “print” story, with words and pictures on a page, but a virtual story environment with which to interact and in which things can be made to happen.


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