Regulation of Trophoblast α2-Macroglobulin Receptor/Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor-Related Protein,: A Multifunctional Receptor Possibly Involved in Trophoblast Invasion and Placental Lipid Transport

  • Mats E. Gåfvels
  • George Coukos
  • Christos Coutifaris
  • Dudley K. Strickland
  • Jerome F. StraussIII
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The α 2 -macroglobulin receptor2MR) or low-densitylipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) is a cell-surface receptor synthesized as a 600-kd precursor protein (1, 2). En route to the cell surface, the receptor is processed into 515- and 85-kd subunits. The 85-kd subunit constitutes the membrane-spanning domain of the receptor that noncovalently anchors the 515-kd subunit to the cell surface. The intracellular portion of the 85 kd subunit contains a consensus NP x Y sequence known to be essential for internalization of receptors via coated pits. The 515-kd extracellular subunit has multiple cysteine-rich repeats that are similar to those found in the LDL receptor (3).


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  • Mats E. Gåfvels
  • George Coukos
  • Christos Coutifaris
  • Dudley K. Strickland
  • Jerome F. StraussIII

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