Obesity, Diabetes, and Dental Health: Relationship and Management



It is widely recognized that overweight or obesity is associated with a number of risk factors, including type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, hypertensive disorders, and cancer. The complications of diabetes have been well documented and can include macrovascular or microvascular involvement with deterioration of this condition.

Over and above an accepted oral-systemic link, less is known about other complications, such as the association between dental disease and systemic inflammation, which has been linked with other inflammatory conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease. The dental practitioner should be regarded as a key member of the diabetes multidisciplinary team and is ideally placed to identify patients with poor glycemic control. By directly treating any signs of periodontal disease, together with referral to a general practitioner for diabetes diagnosis, the increasing incidence of obesity and diabetes that is impacting on our health-care system may be reduced.


Obesity Type 2 diabetes Diabetes complications Dental decay Dental erosion Periodontal disease 


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