Reflections on the Falcon Project

  • Roelof Hamberg
  • Jacques Verriet
  • Jan Schuddemat


This chapter reflects on Falcon, a project to advance automation in warehouses. Its main results and their impact as well as the project’s process are discussed. The impact of Falcon on its industrial partners mainly concern model-based methods, of which strengthening the inception of the new architecture for system-level control of warehouses is a good example. Reflecting on Falcon as an industry-as-laboratory project, the application of obtained research results in an industrial context, albeit in an indirect way, has been perceived as successful. The project learnt us that the wide span of industrial challenges and research approaches in Falcon should be bridged in multiple steps with smaller, though overlapping scopes.


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  • Roelof Hamberg
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  • Jacques Verriet
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  • Jan Schuddemat
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  1. 1.Embedded Systems InstituteEindhovenThe Netherlands

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