Bioinformatics: Sequences, Structures, Phylogeny

  • Asheesh Shanker

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-ix
  2. Gourja Bansal, Kiran Narta, Manoj Ramesh Teltumbade
    Pages 15-46
  3. Benu Atri, Olivier Lichtarge
    Pages 47-69
  4. Ankita Narang, Aniket Bhattacharya, Mitali Mukerji, Debasis Dash
    Pages 71-95
  5. Indu Khatri, Meenakshi Anurag
    Pages 97-113
  6. Aditi Kapil, C. K. Jha, Asheesh Shanker
    Pages 141-154
  7. Arunima Shilpi, Shraddha Dubey
    Pages 155-171
  8. Benu Atri, Olivier Lichtarge
    Pages 173-190
  9. Ankita Punetha, Payel Sarkar, Siddharth Nimkar, Himanshu Sharma, Yoganand KNR, Siranjeevi Nagaraj
    Pages 191-253
  10. Ankita Singh, Rahul Kaushik, B. Jayaram
    Pages 271-288
  11. Swati Sinha, Birgit Eisenhaber, Andrew M. Lynn
    Pages 289-305
  12. Sukriti Goyal, Salma Jamal, Abhinav Grover, Asheesh Shanker
    Pages 307-328
  13. Mehak Dangi, Rinku Kumari, Bharat Singh, Anil Kumar Chhillar
    Pages 329-357
  14. Salma Jamal, Sukriti Goyal, Abhinav Grover, Asheesh Shanker
    Pages 359-374
  15. Deepti Mishra, Garima Khandelwal
    Pages 375-392
  16. Back Matter
    Pages 393-402

About this book


This book provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts and approaches used for sequence, structure, and phylogenetic analysis. Starting with an introduction to the subject and intellectual property protection for bioinformatics, it guides readers through the latest sequencing technologies, sequence analysis, genomic variations, metagenomics, epigenomics, molecular evolution and phylogenetics, structural bioinformatics, protein folding, structure analysis and validation, drug discovery, reverse vaccinology, machine learning, application of R programming in biological data analysis, and the use of Linux in handling large data files.


Bioinformatics Sequence and Phylogenetic Analysis Structural Bioinformatics Drug Discovery Machine Learning Biodiversity informatics

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  • Asheesh Shanker
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  1. 1.Department of BioinformaticsCentral University of South BiharGayaIndia

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