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  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XI
  2. C. K. Biebricher, M. Eigen
    Pages 1-31
  3. C. O. Wilke, R. Forster, I. S. Novella
    Pages 33-50
  4. E. Domingo, V. Martín, C. Perales, A. Grande-Pérez, J. García-Arriaza, A. Arias
    Pages 51-82
  5. C. Escarmís, E. Lázaro, S. C. Manrubia
    Pages 141-170
  6. J. I. Mullins, M. A. Jensen
    Pages 171-192
  7. S. Tracy, N. M. Chapman, K. M. Drescher, K. Kono, W. Tapprich
    Pages 193-209
  8. N. Sevilla, J. C. de la Torre
    Pages 315-335
  9. M. J. Roossinck, W. L. Schneider
    Pages 337-348
  10. A. López-Bueno, L. P. Villarreal, J. M. Almendral
    Pages 349-370
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 403-410

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Continuous genetic variation and selection of virus subpopulations in the course of RNA virus replications are intimately related to viral disease mechanisms. The central topics of this volume are the origins of the quasispecies concept, and the implications of quasispecies dynamics for viral populations.


AIDS Arboviruses HIV Parvovirus Pestiviruses Picornaviruses RNA RNA Viruses hepatitis infection infections plant viruses virology virus virus replication

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  • Esteban Domingo
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  1. 1.Centro de BiologÍa Molecular “Servero Ochoa” (CSIC-UAM)Universidad Autónoma de MadridCantoblanco, MadridSpain

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