Sizing up the Efficiency of Induction Heating Systems for Soldering Electronic Modules

  • V. L. LaninEmail author


The efficiency of induction ring-type heating systems and on an unclosed magnetic circuit, as applied to soldering parts and electronic components, is sized up during assembly of electronic modules. For inductors on the magnetic circuit, owing to the concentration of the electromagnetic field in a working gap, the efficiency of heating of parts increases and the heating zone is localized. Simulation of the parameters of both the electric and magnetic fields in COMSOL gives the temperature profiles of heating of surfacemounted components over a frequency range of 22–100 kHz. The highest heating rate of 12–15°С/s is attained at lower frequencies, where the penetration of the electromagnetic field is deeper.


induction heating inductors magnetic circuits soldering electronic modules 


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  1. 1.Belarus State University of Informatics and RadioelectronicsMinskBelarus

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