New “all-in-one” silicone pastes for additive manufacturing of elastomer parts


A new type of silicone ink materials for additive manufacturing is described. We call them “all-in-one” pastes since they contain all necessary components for efficient and practical printing, including filler(s), crosslinking systems, and necessary or desired additives. The pastes can be easily tuned for the most appropriate rheology for selected printing operation, have long shelf life stabilities for practical manipulation and storage, and enable quick and complete crosslinking by hydrosilylation at room temperature in air to facilitate permanent fixing of shapes of printed objects.

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The authors acknowledge financial support of this work from The Department of Energy’s Kansas City National Security Campus, which is operated and managed by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing & Technologies, LLC, under Contract DE-NA-0002839. The use of facilities of Kansas Polymer Research Center and Department of Chemistry of the Pittsburg State University are gratefully acknowledged. Special thanks to Mr. Charles Ault and his artistic skills for providing the picture of object C in Fig. 2, as well as to Dr. Xianmei Wan, Ms. Dragana Radojcic and Mr. Shane Mann for their exceptional analytical/characterization assistance.

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