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Ständige Rubriken

High Precision in Two-Component Applications

SCA Schucker exhibited at Bondexpo for the first time this year and presented, among other things, a variant of its new compact glueing unit which is intended for the automated bonding or sealing of small components to a high standard of quality in the automotive supply industry. Examples of applications include seals and structural bonded joints created using one- or two-component products for roof antennas, control boxes, engine blocks or cylinder heads, for example. The unit is designed for adhesives with two components and comes fully equipped with a robot, two single drum pumps, two electrical dispensing systems, a static mixer for the two adhesive components, an ASC 500 control system and an application nozzle. A vision system is also available as an optional extra. The unit can be integrated into a production line or used as a stand-alone system.

According to the manufacturer, users of the system with two-component products will...

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