The Trade Journal for Adhesives and Sealants

ISSN: 2192-2624 (Print) 2195-6545 (Online)


The magazine adhesion ADHESIVES&SEALANTS appears four times a year. It addresses to manufacturers and users of adhesives and sealants and creates synergies across the boundaries of all sectors. It provides practical information on subjects relating to adhesives and sealants, equipment and plant technology, applications and research and development. The magazine reveals market trends and includes reports on product developments as well as information on major trade fairs and other events.

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    (March 2019)

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    Research and Development

    Calculation Concept Shortens the Design Process of Injection Molded Parts

    (March 2019)

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    Plant and Processing Equipment

    A perfect Bond Formed in Seconds

    Michael Wortmann (March 2019)