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Bossard Invests in BigHead

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The Bossard Group has acquired a stake in the British company BigHead, which is known in the field of high-performance fastening solutions. The special advantage of this acquisition is the global distribution partnership outside the UK.

BigHead has made a name for itself in particular in lightweight engineering and specifically in the field of composite materials. Premium car manufacturers such as Rolls Royce Motors, BMW, Aston Martin and Lamborghini use the company’s fasteners, as do the renowned shipbuilders Sunseeker Yachts and the RNLI. BigHead’s customers also include companies in the construction, petrochemical and wind power industries. The BigHead product range currently includes 400 standard designs, but alongside the fasteners well-known under the BigHead brand name, there are also customer-specific designs.

In 2013, BigHead generated sales of around CHF 4.0 million. Bossard sees great potential for growth in the British company’s business, especially as it will benefit from the Bossard Group’s global sales network. The Bossard Group recorded sales of CHF 609.7 million in 2013, with more than 1,800 employees at more than 60 sites worldwide.

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