The European Physical Journal B

, Volume 74, Issue 3, pp 303–308 | Cite as

Mechanical and chemical bonding properties of ground state BeH2

  • B.-T. Wang
  • P. Zhang
  • H.-L. Shi
  • B. Sun
  • W.-D. Li
Solid State and Materials


The crystal structure, mechanical properties and electronic structure of ground state BeH2 are calculated employing the first-principles methods based on the density functional theory. Our calculated structural parameters at equilibrium volume are well consistent with experimental results. Elastic constants, which well obey the mechanical stability criteria, are firstly theoretically acquired. The bulk modulus B, Shear modulus G, Young's modulus E, and Poisson's ratio υ are deduced from the elastic constants. The bonding nature in BeH2 is fully interpreted by combining characteristics in band structure, density of states, and charge distribution. The ionicity in the Be-H bond is mainly featured by charge transfer from Be 2s to H 1s atomic orbitals while its covalency is dominated by the hybridization of H 1s and Be 2p states. The Bader analysis of BeH2 and MgH2 are performed to describe the ionic/covalent character quantitatively and we find that about 1.61 (1.6) electrons transfer from each Be (Mg) atom to H atoms.


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© EDP Sciences, SIF, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010

Authors and Affiliations

  • B.-T. Wang
    • 1
    • 2
  • P. Zhang
    • 2
  • H.-L. Shi
    • 2
    • 3
  • B. Sun
    • 2
  • W.-D. Li
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of Theoretical Physics and Department of Physics, Shanxi UniversityTaiyuanP.R. China
  2. 2.LCP, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational MathematicsBeijingP.R. China
  3. 3.SKLSM, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of SciencesBeijingP.R. China

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