“Virtual Radiology Workstation”: Improving Medical Students’ Radiology Rotation



Radiology education in clinical clerkship is increasingly important. There is an acute need for active engagement and self-directed learning by medical students rotating in radiology compared with mainly observational current learning practice involving shadowing in the reading room.


“Virtual Radiology Workstations” supplemented by PowerPoint presentation of normal radiologic anatomy were introduced for fourth-year medical student radiology electives.

Results and Discussion

All 18 students were satisfied with this new teaching model and agreed their understanding of imaging procedures, and recognition of basic anatomic structures improved. It also resulted in efficient utilization of both the teachers’ and the students’ time.

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This project was completed by Dr. Rizvi as part of the Office of Mississippi Workforce Medical Educator Development Certificate Program. The authors wish to thank Sheila Chauvin, PhD for her guidance on project design, and John R Mitchell, MD and his office for facilities provided for the certificate program.

At the time of this study, Dr. Rizvi and Dr. Borges were at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Dr. Rizvi is now at University of Virginia Health at Charlottesville, VA and Dr. Borges is at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, NH.

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