Effect of MoS2 on the Wear Behavior of Aluminium (AlMg0.5Si) Composite


Aluminium alloy with silicon as alloying element finds more comprehensive applications and this induces the development of aluminium composite with the matrix AA6063 (AlMg0.5Si) alloy. The applications of aluminium composites are majorly in the automotive, defence and aerospace industries, where the parts subject to relative motion. Wear and friction are significant issues, and the effective method to overcome is the replacement of newer materials with self-lubrication properties. An attempt is made to develop one such self-lubricating composite material with aluminium matrix is made with the addition of solid lubricant molybdenum disulfide. The present study focus on the investigation of wear performance of the developed self-lubricating composite through the dry sliding wear analysis. The addition of solid lubricant enhanced the wear resistance even at the initial stage of the run and resulted in a steady state of wear from 200 m sliding distance. Also, the wear mechanisms which influence the wear performance were detected through the microstructural examination, and it was discussed.

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  • AlMg0.5Si alloy
  • AA6063
  • Aluminium composite
  • Molybdenum disulfide
  • Wear rate
  • Wear mechanism