ISSN: 1876-990X (Print) 1876-9918 (Online)


Silicon is the only international, interdisciplinary journal solely devoted to the most important element of the 21st Century. Silicon's coverage is unique in presenting all areas of silicon research and development across all disciplines. Silicon is publishing the very latest cutting edge research on silicon as an enabling element in materials chemistry, materials physics, materials biology, materials engineering and environmental science.

The silicon community is in the midst of aggressive research initiatives with significant R&D efforts continuing in crystalline and amorphous silicon, silica, silicones, silsesquioxanes, silicon carbide, silanes and silicates to name a few. Silicon's editorial board includes silicon materials chemists and materials and device physicists who geographically represent North America, Asia, and Europe.

  • Silicon is the only journal devoted to the spectacular diversity of silicon.
  • Silicon is a truly interdisciplinary journal which caters to chemists, physicists, biologists, engineers and environmental scientists.
  • Silicon offers a balanced perspective, publishing contributions from researchers in academia, industry, and national research laboratories.

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