Fabrication of High Responsivity for MgO NPs/PSi Heterojunction Device by Sol-Gel Technique


In this work, porous silicon was preparation by electrochemical etching and the MgO thin film by sol-gel technique. The structural properties of MgO NPs were studied using XRD and the morphology properties by field emission scanning electron microscopy. The electrical properties; spectral responsivity, detectivity of the photodetector were measured. The Spectral responsivity of MgO/p-PSi/Si photodector was found to be around 0.39 at 550 nm and 0.56 A/W at 800 nm and the specific detectivity of MgO/Psi/Si was found to be 6*1010 W−1 cm Hz1/2. The photodetector shows a photovoltaic behavior with a maximum Voc. of 0.25 V and ISc. of 7.6*10−3 A.

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  • MgO/PSi
  • Photodetector
  • Detectivity